Bank Transfer Information

Please see below for frequently asked questions about Bank Transfer payments

The following information is for Bank Transfer purchases only!

You may cancel your order by contacting [email protected]


Alternatively, you can wait 30 days and we will cancel your order for you. 

You only need to pay by Bank Transfer if you selected ‘Bank Transfer’ payment method during checkout. Please disregard this page if you have selected any other payment method.

Please see above if you would like to cancel your order.

Please send the correct amount in AUD (or currency equivalent) to the following bank account:

Account Name: Luca Bashford

Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account Number: 45285018

*BSB: 062-692

IBAN: 06269245285018


You must include your order number as a reference number!


*BSB is only applicable for financial institutions in Australia.

You have until 30 days from when your order was created to complete your purchase.

If 30 days have passed and we have not received payment, we will cancel your order



Unfortunately you cannot change/combine payment methods for payment.

Bank Transfers can be instant or can take up to 14 days. If it has been more than 30 days we will cancel your order. 

Once we have received your payment we will conduct checks to ensure the payment is settled correctly. After our checks are complete we will get started on your order.

If you accidentally send the incorrect amount to our bank don’t worry. If we can match the reference number to your order we will either:

  • Return the full amount (minus applicable fees)
  • Deduct your order amount, process your order and return the remaining.
  • Return the full amount (minus applicable fees) and cancel your order

If we can’t match the amount to your order then we will return the amount (minus fees) to you.

Contact [email protected] if you need assistance.