Most frequent questions and answers

Currently, we only ship to the following countries/regions:

  • United Kingdom
  • European Economic Area (EEA)

Unfortunately, we cannot sell to countries with an ongoing trade embargo forbidding with Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

From 2021 new VAT rules apply: 

VAT (Value Added Tax) is already included in the price of all products and are displayed by default with the standard UK rate of 20%

Depending on the tax rate of the shipping country/region & method of VAT payment, the final price may change.

Customers inside of the UK will pay the price as shown.

Customers outside of the UK will see the default prices (inclusive of UK 20% VAT) however, at checkout will calculate the correct VAT amount.

For example: A £120 item would cost:

  • £120 if from the UK (20% VAT – Already included)
  • £125 if from Sweden (25% VAT)
  • £115 if from New Zealand (15% GST)
  • £105 if from the UAE (5% VAT)
Please note for orders to the EU, we may use Delivery at Place (DAP/DDU) to simplify VAT collection, this means at checkout your applicable order will be charged 0% VAT and it is your responsibility to remit the correct amount of VAT to your country/region’s tax authority. 
Your country’s tax authority will likely calculate the correct amount of VAT and ask you to pay before your order can be delivered to you. We will always take care of the delivery & transport of your items.
Delivery at Place does not apply to orders shipped to Northern Ireland.

VAT will be calculated based on your shipping address and charged at checkout.

We unfortunately do not support paying with multiple payment methods or using a different currency than what is listed in our store. (British Pound Sterling, GBP.)

Please note VAT will be based on your shipping address and calculated & charged at checkout.

There may be two shipping options within your checkout depending on what items are in your cart.

For some items, we allow certain suppliers to calculate and display (but not collate) shipping options directly at checkout. For others, we may include shipping within the price.

Unfortunately, we no longer support account creation, signing into existing accounts manually or by using social networks.

Please use your email at checkout to receive order updates. We will always issue an invoice, confirmation of order & any applicable tracking information after checkout.

If you’re having trouble finding your order number, please contact support

Currently, we support payments via credit/debit or prepaid cards, Klarna and PayPal.

We also support Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile payment solutions.

We are always working on improving our payment infrastructure. If there’s something you would like to see, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Click here to view our Return Policy

You will need to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from us before you return the item(s) back to us. It is necessary for you to obtain this number before shipment to ensure correct regulations are followed.

You can start the return process and obtain an RMA via here

You can also get help via email: [email protected]

Please contact us for information if you have any questions about returns.

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